Who We Are

Founded in 2021 by Trulie Murphy, Murphy Griffin Productions is a dynamic multimedia company specializing in commercial and film production, as well as graphic and web design. Guided by a passion for storytelling and a commitment to innovation, the company transforms ideas into captivating visual narratives that captivate audiences across industries.

Under Trulie Murphy's visionary leadership, Murphy Griffin Productions thrives as a hub of creat​ivity, blending technical expertise with collaborative spirit. With a diverse portfolio spanning various media forms, the company's work reflects its dedication to pushing boundaries and creating meaningful connections through the art of media. As technology evolves, Murphy Griffin Productions remains poised to shape the future of multimedia, leaving an indelible mark on the world of storytelling. 

Unleash Your Proje​ct's Full Potential with Our Comprehensive Production Support

"​Working with Trulie and Dexter has been nothing short of amazing. I was lucky enough to be one of their first clients where they filmed a commercial promoting my business for me to use on social media platforms and for my site. It exceeded my expectations, beyond! From the prep before the shoot, to filming, to editing and delivering me all different formatted files, it was five star service all around. I couldn’t recommend them more for all your producing / filming / editing needs. Thank you Trulie and Dexter! "

- Shannon Bills
Shannon Bills Coaching