The Producers – Meet Trulie and Jesseca

Murphy Griffin Productions was formed in 2018 by Trulie Murphy, who partnered with Jesseca Lynne in 2020. Over zoom quarantine dinners, they went into preproduction and subsequently completed their first short film together, Keep An Eye On Your Six Pack in August 2021. Keep An Eye On Your Six Pack is currently in consideration for Sundance and other major film festivals.

Trulie and Jesseca are hands on producers that are involved with every aspect of their projects from start to finish. They strive to write, develop and produce film and television projects that make a difference in the world.

Their projects highlight social issues, empower victims, support small business and tell a hell of a story.

Murphy Griffin Productions is a company committed to reducing its carbon footprint. It reuses, recycles and repurposes and uses vegan and cruelty free products whenever possible.